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There are plenty of things to do in and around Cefalu.
Just meandering through the narrow, cobblestone streets of the old town could keep you occupied for a week - but if you're looking for variety, below are some ideas;

  • Relax on the sandy beach 

  • Horseriding in the mountains

  • A half day tour to Castlebuono and lunch at a local medieval farmhouse

  • Catch the train to Palermo (45 mins) for some retail therapy

  • Climb 'La Rocca' and enjoy the spectacular view from the top

  • Browse the summer markets 

  • See the coastline by boat on the 'Coast to Coast' half-day excursion

  • Hire a car and explore Sicily

Visit the following website for more daily excursions on offer.


Click here for a short video on Cefalu

my street.HEIC

There are essentially 3 options when it comes to swimming in the emerald green waters around Cefalu.

  • The Main Beach
    This stretch of sand nestles between the two headlands of Cefalu. It starts at the beginning of the "old town" and curves around towards Santa Lucia. There are many beach bars dotted along the way that have day beds to rent and summer cocktails to enjoy.

  • Marina Beach
    Enter through an impressive stone archway and you'll find yourself on a small section of beach bordered by the old Port and a cluster of rocks that spill out into the sea. The locals favour this particular spot because there's an underground river that releases fresh, cool water through the sand under your feet.

  • The Rocks
    As you leave the old town and head towards the new Port, there is an abundance of sunbathing surfaces on the rocks where you can dive straight into the crystal clear water. There are less people here - it's quieter and the water is cleaner.

Marina beach.jpeg
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