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Experience beautiful Cefalu, in the heart of the historical centre. 

This is the place every overworked professional talks about escaping know, the one you only see in Vanity Fair or those Getaway shows on the TV. The place you dream about when you're standing on a crammed subway or tube, as you're sitting in traffic driving to work, when you hate your job and you wonder 'what's the point?'

This is that rare place; to dream, to re-set and

re-group. To smell the salt in the air, to feel the sand between your toes. To taste the sweetness of locally grown fruit and enjoy juicy be able to breathe.


My Sicilian Escape; a restored medieval apartment in the stunning Sicilian seaside town of Cefalu is available not just to rockstars, writers, poets and hiding royals! 


"Amazing location and wonderful living space. Kitchen is well stocked and makes cooking a delight. Air conditioning was superb."

E Ponsonby (September 2020)


“Housing Quality. Very functional, very well arranged, very well equipped. Preferred exceptional geographical location.
We wouldn't change anything. Everything was perfect"

V Lombardo (August 2020)

10 OUT OF 10!

A Pontone (August 2020)


"The apartment is simply amazing, everything is there, things like a cooling bag, a BBQ, everything! and such a nice location! Had a lovely stay.


M Eyking (August 2020)

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